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TEENS 13-18:

The way to GENERATIONAL WEALTH is through GENERATIONAL WISDOM! It's time for "Money Talk!"

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A Financial Literacy Program for TEENS!

The mission of the Teen Money Box is to ensure that all teens ages 13-18 have a strong foundation in business, finance, and economics before they enter adulthood. This done-for-you program can be administered in the home or customized for a group experience!


Learn about money through short, self-paced videos and lessons.


Complete interactive real-life activities to apply your money knowledge. 


Use quizzes to check your understanding of money topics and strategies.

Dr. Tywanna Smith

Teen-Money Box Co-Founder


Hi, I'm Dr. T, and I want to help you learn about money! This is a professional and life skill that ALL teens and young adults need.

How much more successful would our young adults be if they learned about budgeting, credit, investing, real estate, entrepreneurship, and wealth?

My co-founders and I spent months building out this curriculum. I have used my 17+ years of experience as a financial and business advisor for pro athletes and entrepreneurs to launch this program. Join the movement, and become a Teen-mate today!

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Community Organizations

Civic and nonprofit organizations are great resources for financial literacy. If you work with teens, consider implementing this done-for-you program to teach financial literacy!  

Workforce Development Programs 

Many organizations and municipalities offer workforce development programs. While teens are earning, they should be learning! License the Teen Money Box!

Churches & Youth Ministries

Religious organizations are great places to teach sound money management principles to teens and young adults. Use the Teen Money Box to meet them where they are!

How can you get the Teen Money Box?

1. One-Time Single Purchase

2. Annual Group License

3. One-Time Group Workshop


One-Time Single Purchase

For home use only. Parents or teens can purchase the entire curriculum to learn virtually in a self-paced, home environment. 

(For an additional $49, you can get a printed booklet and a set of Teen Money Box flashcards sent to you!)


Annual Group License

For organizational use only. Organizations can license the Teen Money Box virtual curriculum for its teens on an annual basis to be used year-round.

(Organizational licenses are virtual. Additional fees apply for printed materials and flashcards. Training provided.)


One-Time Group Workshop

For group use only. Organizations can pay a one-time fee to use Teen Money Box materials for one custom experience.

(Lessons are customized and can be facilitated for a negotiated fee. There is no ongoing or full curriculum access with this option.) 



*In-home use only

  • Full Virtual Access 
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Lessons, Activities, Quizzes
  • Bonus Content
  • +$59 for Printed Materials & Flashcards
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*Organizations and groups that work with teens: 

Schedule a discovery call with our team to see how the Teen Money Box can enhance your teen engagement. This program is perfect for disadvantaged communities with little access to financial resources.

We offer customized, done-for-you financial literacy programs that adhere to state and federal learning standards for one-time workshops, weekly sessions, and monthly programming. Let's talk today!   

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You're NEVER too young to start learning about money!


The Teen Money Box is a business and financial literacy program for teens ages 13-18. We offer content for families who want to invest in their teen's life development and organizations that want to offer impactful programming to their teens. Become a TEEN-MATE today!

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